Viral Marketing Success

Phyter is a plant-based energy bar packed with immune-boosting phytonutrients. Because it’s real food, you will only find it in the cold case. It’s not shelf stable.

The people behind Phyter have worked together for years as Healthy Habits, a two-person firm that teaches people and businesses how to incorporate plant-based nutrition into a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Phyter enabled them to take their passion for plant-based nutrition to a wider audience. It’s everything they believe in.

I developed the Phyter name, wrote the copy for the first iteration of the Phyter website, and I concepted, scripted, creative directed the Phyter brand video. The story the client really wanted to tell is that plant-based nutrition isn’t just for nature lovers; it’s also fuel for athletes. I named the video “Farm to Athlete.”

The production budget was small. I enlisted my former personal trainer to star in the video. We paid him with a few cases of Phyter bars. I also ran a mile with him before we started shooting. We both got a kick out of this, as I’d lost well over 100 lbs. with him as my trainer.

Phyter launched in one Whole Foods store in 2016 and has never looked back. Today it’s available in every Whole Foods in the Midwest, and many other supermarkets and grocery stores as well.