Social Marketing Campaign for Retrofit Weight Loss

Retrofit is a personalized, holistic weight management solution that transforms lives and workplaces by improving health, happiness and performance.

Two years after its inception, consumer awareness of Retrofit was low.

The Founder/CEO asked me to develop a viral marketing campaign.

My idea was to personify fat via a provocative “critter”– the Fat Monster – whose mission in life is to tempt you into making poor food choices.

The plan was to build a large engaged social fanbase (a million or more social media followers in year one) for the Fat Monster.

Then, in year two, the Fat Monster would “wage war” on Retrofit, stimulating buzz and media coverage.

A few weeks after the Fat campaign launched, new executive leadership at Retrofit decided to exit the consumer weight loss business and focus exclusively on corporate/workplace wellness.

The Fat Monster campaign was not suitable for a corporate audience, so the campaign was disbanded.