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Factor 75 prepares and delivers ready-to-eat paleo- and keto-based meals via a subscription model.

It’s not just food. It’s nutrition designed to enhance mental and physical performance.

While Factor 75 biggest players in prepared meal delivery, the company had always struggled to keep new subscribers.

This is because many new members aren’t looking for performance nutrition. They simply want pre-cooked meals they can pop in the microwave.

Through research I also learned that many new members weren’t grasping the fact that Factor 75 is a subscription service. Once this dawned on them, they would immediately start looking for the “cancel subscription” button.

I started from the ground up, with an email survey to surface the strategic issues behind customer churn.

Then I went deep through phone interviews with current and lapsed Factor 75 customers.

The insights I gained enabled me to tailor Factor 75’s value proposition and brand story for five different customer segments.

This positioned me to overhaul Factor 75’s a new customer onboarding program, with a goal of creating an experience that wasn’t just better than the existing one, but was actually shareworthy.

Key deliverables:

  • a detailed customer onboarding journey

  • scripts for a live new member welcome phone calls

  • a 30-day email flow

  • a new member “power-up” guide (see work samples above)

  • “brandspiration posters” to go in each meal shipment

  • “meal stories” – descriptions of each meal, with an emphasis on nutrition benefits – that are printed on Factor 75 meal boxes

Factor 75’s investment in its new customer onboarding program turned net positive in less than two months from implementation.

Today the company is the clear leader in its niche, delivering paleo meals to more customers than any competing service.


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