Brand Magnetism

telegraphing ‘sweet attention’

For adults on Medicare, Oak Street Health is something of a miracle.

Oak Street patients get free transportation to and from appointments.

Wait times are minimal.

And Oak Street doctors spend 2x more time with patients than ordinary doctors.

And somehow, for most adults on Medicare, all this is free.

Yet the company was struggling to attract new patients.

People weren’t buying Oak Street’s story because it seemed too good to be true.

The company’s drab marketing materials weren’t helping matters.

Guided by extensive videotaped conversations with Oak Street patients and team members, I developed a brand essence (“Sweet Attention”) and a new illustrated visual identity that brought Sweet Attention to life.

Then, using the new look and feel, I redeveloped Oak Street’s marketing materials and created a brand guide.

I even created a brand mascot (pictured above) - Oaky the health dog.

Oak Street’s internal marketing group took this new creative brand platform, and extended it across the full range of customer touchpoints.

The new branding had an immediate positive effect on Oak Street’s marketing results.

Today the company operates over 30 centers across three states, with dozens more in various stages of development.

CEO Mike Pykosz said that “Our investment in brand development (with Andrew) has paid for itself 100 times over. Maybe more.”


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Services provided: Brand essence, positioning, tag line development, visual brand development, messaging/copywriting