Farm to athlete

naming a feisty plant-based FOOD BAR

Healthy Habits is Gloria Athanis and Chef David Choi, a two-person nutrition consulting firm.

For years, they’ve been teaching and coaching businesses and individuals how to reap the many benefits of a balanced, plant-based diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

They recently launched an energy bar that embodies their nutrition philosophy. It’s a bar. Made from organic plants and nothing else.

Gloria, Dave and their new partner Jeff wanted the brand name to communicate “plant-based” but they didn’t want a soft, flowery name. They wanted a name that suggested ‘delicious healthy fuel for athletic competition and an active lifestyle.’

I came up with a concept - “farm to athlete” - that resonated with them.

That led me to the name Phyter.

Phyter spoke to competition, while also evoking the product’s high phytonutritive content. (Phytonutrients are natural chemicals in plants that fight many diseases, including cancer).

Phyter is now available in Whole Foods and other other supermarkets, grocery and health food stores nationwide.

Sports teams buy Phyter by the case.

Active, health-conscious Moms buy it for their kids and themselves.

Gloria says “Retailers and consumers have responded very positively to the Phyter name. And people love our tag line – “Open mouth, insert plants” – which Andrew developed. I would recommend Andrew for any branding or writing project.”


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