Spin, Strength and Yoga = SPENGA

NAMING THE brand miracle

You’re a 33 year old woman who has a gym but also does yoga at a different place.

Or you go to one place for yoga and a second place for personal or group training.

My client understands you.

So they created a new high-end group fitness concept combining spin, strength training and yoga into one heart-pounding, fat-melting workout.

It’s all the fitness you want and need, all in one high-end spa-like setting.

This is a fitness breakthrough - something that had never been done before at scale.

My job was to name it.

I took the took the “sp” from spin, the “eng” from strength and the “ga” from yoga, and created the name SPENGA.

I also developed the logo and the tag line: “Best. Workout. Ever.”

SPENGA has been a resounding success.

In just a few years, the brand has grown to almost 100 locations in various stages of development.

The client says “Prospective franchisees tell us how much they like the SPENGA name. They find it unique and they feel it helps differentiate the brand within its competitive set. The SPENGA branding that Andrew developed has been a real asset for us.”

As a fitness enthusiast, I find SPENGA’S success deeply gratifying.

It is the best workout ever.

You should try it.


Client website: SPENGA.com

Services provided: Positioning, naming, tag line development, logo development